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Civil Wing

The civil wing of this directorate was established in December 2008. It deals with the projects relating to construction/repair/renovation works of different buildings of GADVASU campus through GLADA officials on deposit basis viz. Library building, repair/renovation of extension block 1 and II in admin block, boundary wall from milk plant adjoining Sidhwan Canal, cafeterias in Animal Breeding building and silver jubilee block, extension wings in Girls Hostel No. 5 and Hostel No. 8, tile terracing of various laboratories of different departments, installation of Generator sets in administrative block and hostels. Projects for certain new buildings e.g. Vice-Chancellor’s residence are in pipeline. New buildings of Farmer and Scientists' Hostels are operational. Work of new Girls' Hostel with a capacity to accommodate 250 girl students is near completion.

In order to combat the depleting natural resources, GADVASU has developed non-conventional energy source like biogas which is clean, efficient, economical and pollution free sources of energy. Viewing the availability of huge quantity of cattle dung in Punjab due to over 1000 dairy farms, the design of large capacity fixed hemispherical dome type biogas plant was prepared. 

Biogas plant at GADVASU saves Rs 1,000 a day by generating electricity: The university has done a remarkable feat of setting up an eco-friendly Biogas plant by using animal dung for generation of about 200 units of electricity per day and thus the university has been able to save up to Rs 1,000 daily. This biogas plant runs for about eight hours in a day. It saves Rs 1,71,000 a month in the form of electricity (Rs 30,000), slurry (Rs 1,35,000) and carbon dioxide (Rs 6000). In Punjab, mostly farmers have animals, they can utilize the cow dung by installing digesters and power can be generated. Besides, the biogas is used as a domestic fuel, for street lighting and for the generation of electricity. The plant reduces burden on forests and fossil fuels, helps in controlling air-pollution, provides a nutrient rich nitrogen/phosphorus manure for plants and controls water pollution by decomposing sewage, animal dung and human excreta. The effluent from the digester can be returned to the fields as a source of nutrient.


Determined to aesthetically beautify the campus, the landscaping section of this Directorate maintains lawns, flower beds, plantation of plants in all residential and administrative establishments of university. The landscaping unit illustrate tremendous design skills in selecting and understandingly assembles the plants and landscape materials in innovative ways.

Although a long term plan, the main motive of this unit is to encompass an elegant space having perfect proportion and symmetrical planting. Trees are planted keeping in mind that the campus remains evergreen all year through. The shady evergreen plants have been planted on both sides of the road with geometric framework which leads to Sidhwan canal bridge and across canal as well. A new nursery and green house has been established for ornamental plants and cultivation of flower crops etc.

This Directorate is going to establish Floriculture department in near future.

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