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Department of Livestock Products Technology

Transfer of Technology

Department of Livestock Products Technology conducts research in the frontier areas of meat and egg science. The concerted and pragmatic approach of the scientists of this department has resulted in the development of a number of new technologies for meat and egg processing, packaging and by-products utilization. A well-equipped product development laboratory has been developed with state-of-art meat processing machines viz. meat mincer, bowl chopper, hydraulic sausage filler, smoke oven, vacuum tumbler, deep fat fryer, retort packaging machine, vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging machine.


Facilities available at Department of LPT

  • Semiautomatic poultry processing plant (250 birds/hr capacity)
  • Product development unit
  • Packaging (Vacuum and MAP) and Sensory Evaluation facilities
  • Nutritional profiling facility
  • Microbiology and quality control
  • Retort packaging
  • Meat Proteomics and Biotechnology


The faculty members of the department have developed or optimized many technologies which can be beneficial for the meat industry personnel, farmers, budding entrepreneurs who want to start or develop their business.

Following Technologies are available for transfer:

A. Emu Meat Products

B.  Functional/Health-oriented Meat Products 

C.  Ready-to-eat meat snacks

D.  Extended Storage life Chicken Meat Snacks

E.  Dried Meat Products

F.  Tenderizing Mixture 

G. Vegetarian Meat/ Simulated Meat Products/ Meat Analogue

H. Turkey Meat Products

I.   Processed Egg Products

J.   Ethnic meat Products

K.   Retort Technology for shelf stable curry based meat products

L.   Restructured Meat Products  

M.  Pork Frankfurters


A. Emu Meat Products: Emu meat is considered as tasty red meat, low in fat and cholesterol, high in levels of selenium, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, Vitamins C, B-6, and B-12. The fat is 43 percent monounsaturated, which lowers the "bad" LDL cholesterol. It is rich in iron, magnesium, and protein. Emu meat is a very good source of high levels of phosphorus which are usually found only in seafood (KEA, 2012). However, emu meat is considered as tough and high-priced meat. The department has developed various emu meat products which are tastier, low-cost and can help in boosting the emu meat trade. emu meat pickle, emu meat burger patties, emu meat nuggets, emu meat balls/koftas, emu sausages.

The department is ready to transfer the technologies for the development of emu meat pickle, emu meat burger patties, emu meat nuggets, emu meat balls/koftas, sausages.

B. Functional/Health-oriented Meat Products: Meat and meat products are always maligned to have high-fat, high calories, low-fiber, high-salt and high cholesterol content. Department has developed various functional meat products with improved sensory quality attributes to cater the demand of health conscious consumers. Various emulsion based functional meat products with high nutritive value includes –

  • Fibre enriched pork loaves
  • Fibre enriched goat meat patties
  • Omega-3 enriched low-fat chicken meat patties
  • Enrobed goat meat chunks
  • Omega-3 enriched goat meat patties
  • Fiber and bioactive compound enriched low-fat chicken meat nuggets
  • Low-fat buffalo meat patties
  • Fiber enriched chicken meat loaves

C. Ready-to-eat meat snacks: Department has standardized various mouth-watering meat based ready-to-eat snacks such as meat cutlets, meat croquette, meat samosa. These snack products are spicy, nutritious and suitable for Indian palate. These may be used as tea-time, breakfast time snacks. Traditionally, these products are deep fat fried which lead to high fat up take and higher trans-fat. The technology has developed to reduce the fat content without compromising the sensory attributes.

D. Extended Storage life Chicken Meat Snacks:

  • Chicken kurkure: Chicken meat kurkure are extruded, nutritious meat based snack product. It can be stored without refrigeration at room temperature for 3-4 months. The total protein content in the developed kurkure varied in the range of 20-25%. 
  • Goat meat bite: Goat meat bite with improved sensory quality, nutritive value, shelf life and reduced total product cost has been developed by the Department.

E. Dried Meat Products:

  • Meat waddi: Waddi is the common Indian culinary product used in various curry products. The department has developed meat waddi prepared from chicken meat and has high protein content (50% DM basis). It can be stored at room temperature for 2-3 months.


  • Meat Biscuits: Meat based biscuits were developed using spent hen chicken meat. These biscuits have high protein, 21-23% and can be stored for more than 3 months at room temperature.



  • Meat noodles: Chicken meat noodles with high protein content, were developed in the department. It is shelf stable at room temperature and can be stored under modified atmosphere packaging conditions more than 3 months.


F. Tenderizing Mixture: The department has developed a tenderizing powder which can be effectively used as curing ingredient for the tenderization of tougher meat.