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 Department of Harvest and Post Harvest Technology
College of Fisheries, GADVASU, Ludhiana
Technologies available for adoption by Entrepreneurs
Aquaculture in Punjab is carp culture based. Carp fish fetches low market price owing to presence of fine intramuscular spines in its flesh. To strengthen demand of carp fish among the local population, there is need to process carp fish to produce spineless value added products. Department of Harvest and Post Harvest Technology, College of Fisheries has sufficient facilities for fish processing, value addition and by-product development. The department has developed number of value added products from deboned carp meat (edible part) and some useful by-products from its non-edible processing waste.
Facilities available at Department of Harvest and Post Harvest Technology
  • Well equipped post harvest processing & value addition lab.
  • Advanced processing/ analytical instruments like de-boning machine, band saw, vacuum packaging machine, meat mincer, slicer, ice flaking machine, deep freezer, fish dryer, sealing machine, fish cutter, rotatory evaporator, spectrophotometer, Kjeldahl digestion/distillation unit etc.
  • Processing waste management facilities (to develop by-products).
Technologies available for transfer 
Technologies for developing following value added fish products are available at the department
  1. Fish Finger: Fish finger from carp meat is a protein rich healthy snack food without spices. Fish finger is rich in protein (16-18%) and low in fat (3-4%). It contains only salt and slight edible acid to improve the taste. It is coated with batter and bread crumb for further taste enhancement. It is a ready to cook type of product and can be kept for more than 2 months in deep freezer (-20oC).
  2. Fish Ball:Fish ball is also prepared from minced carp meat after de-boning. The product is bit spicy, rich in protein (18 – 22%) and low in fat (2-3%).  Fish ball is very popular as snack food due to its gelation properties developed during preparation. It is also a ready to cook type of product and can be kept easily for more than 2 months in deep freezer (-20oC).  
  3. Fish Cutlets: Fish cutlet is a product prepared by blending of vegetables, spices and deboned fish meat. It possesses indigenous taste due to proper frying of vegetables, and combination of spices along with meat. Texture of the product is smooth crisp due to coating of batter and bread crumb.  The product is ready to cook type with good shelf life under proper freezing conditions. It contains 9-12% protein and 12-14% fat. Fish cutlet is also a ready to cook type of product and can be kept for more than 3 months in deep freezer (-20oC).      
Fee: A fee of Rs 1.00 lac will be charged to transfer the technology on single user basis, which means that rights of the technology will be given solely to one entrepreneur/ party, whereas, the technologies may be transferred to the multiple requisite parties/ industries/entrepreneurs for a fee of Rs 30,000 each. The payment has to be made in the form of demand draft in favor of “Comptroller, GADVASU” payable at Ludhiana.
The technologies are available for single or multiple user basis as per the requesting parties. The technologies will be transferred on first- cum- first serve basis.
Method of Application: The interested parties may submit their request to Head, Department of Harvest and Post Harvest Technology, College of Fisheries, GADVASU, Ludhiana-141004. The authorized person (s) from the requisite parties has to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the university.
Contact Details: The interested parties may contact the Head, Department of Harvest and Postharvest Technology, College of Fisheries, GADVASU, Ludhiana-141004 for detailed guidelines and copy of the MOU.
Ph: 0161-2414061; Fax: 0161-2414054 

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