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College of Dairy Science and Technology (CODST), GADVASU, is the pioneer in the field of research in dairy products processing in Punjab. Various technologies for value addition in dairy products have been developed by the faculty of the college to benefit the farmers and entrepreneurs. Value addition not only increases the nutritional value of the product but also makes dairying a profitable business. College is equipped with various advanced and sensitive analytical instruments for carrying out research in the field of dairy technology and other allied disciplines.
Facilities available at College of Dairy Science and Technology
  • Experimental Dairy Plant with milk handling capacity of 5000 litres
  • Well equipped laboratories
  • Advanced and Sensitive analytical instruments viz. Brookfield rheometer, Brookfield viscometer, Hunter color lab, Trinocular microscope, Kel plus for protein estimation of food, Socs Plus for fat estimation of food, Fibra plus for fibre estimation of food, Flame photometer, Milcoscan for quick analysis of milk.
Technologies available for transfer
Department of Dairy Technology (CODST) has developed various technologies for commercialization. The following technologies are available at the college:
Functional Dairy products
Mithat dahi
Probiotic Dairy Products
Probiotic lassi
Value added dairy products
               I.  Fermented dairy products
           II. Frozen dairy products
           III. Heat and acid coagulated dairy         products
           IV. Heat dessicated dairy products
               V. Sterilized dairy products
Carrot lassi, masala lassi, sweetened lassi, dahi, yoghurt
Mango ice-cream, banana ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream, yog ice-cream
Paneer, masala paneer
Milk cake, peda, Dhoda burfi
Sterilized flavoured milks
By-products utilization
Whey drinks (mango and jaljeera)
A. Functional Dairy Products: Functional foods are the foods which provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition. A technology has been developed for the manufacturing of functional mithat dahi which is low fat and low calorie product and can be enjoyed by healthy, health conscious and diabetic persons.
 B. Probiotic Dairy Products: Probiotics are live microorganisms which on regular intake are found to counteract harmful organisms in the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract and may provide protection against gastrointestinal disorders and even cancer. Fermented dairy products are potentially excellent vehicle for probiotics. Technology for Probiotic lassi has been developed by the college using already proven L. acidophilus probiotic culture along with normal dahi culture.
C. Value Added Traditional Dairy Products
I.         Fermented dairy products:College has developed the technology for the manufacturing of Carrot lassi.  Incorporation of carrot powder or juice into lassi provides vitamin A, carbohydrate, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, sulphur, Cu, Mg, Mn, Fe and vitamins like B1, B2, C, E, and folic acid and important antioxidants mainly  β- carotene. It also improves the palatability of the product.
Dahi and yoghurt are also being prepared by the college. Dahi and yoghurt are nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Both have nutritional benefits beyond those of milk and are good for lactose-intolerant individuals too.
Dahi stirred in the form of sweetened lassi and masala lassi are also being prepared at college level.
 II.     Frozen dairy products: Ice-cream is among the most relished frozen dairy product in India. Three types of ice cream viz., Mango ice cream, Banana ice cream and Vanilla ice cream have been prepared.  Mango and banana ice cream is prepared using Natural Mango and banana pulp respectively. Adding fruit pulp in ice-cream not only increases the acceptability of the product but also improves the nutritional quality of the product.
Yog ice-cream is an innovative frozen dairy product developed by the college which carries the goodness of ice-cream with health benefits.
III.      Heat and acid- coagulated dairy products: Paneer and masala paneer are being prepared by the college. Preparing paneer using standardized technology not only gives higher yield but also provides soft texture to the product. Variant of this has been made named as masala paneer, prepared by using certain seasonings and spices in combination which increase the palatability of the product.
 IV.     Heat desiccated dairy products: Milk cake and peda are the favourite Indian sweets having sweet, caramelized and pleasant flavor with four to five times the nutritional quality of milk. These products are also being prepared by the college.
Dhoda burfi is a milk cereal based sweetmeat of northern India. The product is made from germinated wheat, sugar and milk & provides various amino acids and fiber to the product which otherwise a conventional burfi made solely from milk, lacks. The germination process helps in breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates into simpler form and increase the digestibility of the product.
 V.      Sterilized dairy products:Variants of milk in the form of sterilized flavoured milk have been prepared by the college. Different flavours such as butterscotch, coffee and strawberry are being used to increase the acceptability of the product.
D. By-products utilization
Whey is a major by-product which comprises of valuable proteins required for enhanced health benefits. Generally, whey is discarded in dairies which not only leads to the loss of valuable proteins but also causes economic losses. To utilize this by-product effectively, technology of preparation of flavoured whey drinks have been developed by the college like Mango whey drink and Jaljeera whey drink. These whey drinks are refreshing and healthy and may lead to economic utilization of the whey as by-product.
E. Mozzarella Cheese
Mozzarella cheese is the fermented dairy product preferably produced by buffalo milk using rennet enzyme. It is pasta filata variety of cheese which has characteristic melting and stretching properties due to which it is widely used for the preparation of pizza and Italian Dishes. Mozzarella cheese is very good source of protein (~ 22%), fat soluble vitamins (Vitamin A, D, E and K) and minerals like calcium, etc. Keeping this point in view, College of Dairy Science and Technology is developing ‘Ready- to- eat Mozzarella balls’ by incorporating the balls in brine solution of optimum salt concentration added with spices with the objective to improve the flavour as well as shelf life of the product.India is a habitat of approx. 46% of total world’s buffalo population and buffalo milk contributes approximately 55% of total milk production, however this figure is very high as 65-70% for Punjab. Therefore, Punjab has inherited positive points to become the hub for the production of varieties of Buffalo mozzarella cheese to generate revenues.
Fee: A fee of Rs 1.00 lac will be charged to transfer the technology on single user basis which means rights of the technology will be given solely to one entrepreneur/ party, whereas the technology may be transferred to the multiple requisite parties/ industries/entrepreneurs for a fee of Rs 30,000 each. The payment has to be made in the form of demand draft in favour of “Comptroller, GADVASU” payable at Ludhiana. The technologies mentioned at A to E are available for single or multiple user basis as per the requesting parties. The technologies will be transferred on first- cum- first serve basis.
Method of Application: The interested parties may submit their request to Dean, College of Dairy Science and Technology, GADVASU, Ludhiana-141004 Ph: 0161-2553308; Fax: 0161-2553313. The authorized person (s) from the requisite parties has to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the university. The interested parties can contact Dean, College of Dairy Science and Technology, GADVASU for detailed guidelines and copy of the MOU.
Contact Details: The interested parties may contact for further details to Dr. Pranav Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Dairy Technology , College of Dairy Science and Technology, GADVASU, Ludhiana- 141004, 9417300374 (Mobile); E mail: 

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